Amazon’s Invincible: A Practice in Grittiness

If you aren’t too squeamish and don’t mind the gore of “real superheroes,” then you’ll enjoy Invincible as a fun comic book adaptation.

A football, mask, and hand sanitizer on a football field.

The Pandemic’s Toll on High School to College Football

The pandemic has and a toll on every sport but more on high school and college sports and the biggest of these, football, as seen it worse.

A pile of sports trading cards.

Cardboard Cards and Quarantine

While people found themselves quarantined in the past year, collectable cards have risen in popularity. Why is this the case?

illustration of a pink uterus with handcuffs at each each end against a dark pink background

Another Atrocious Act Committed by the U.S. at the Border

We have seen this before, in the 1900s, but now forced sterilization on minority groups is happening again — this time, on immigrants.

Why the Mr. Potato Head Rebrand Does Not Really Matter to Kids

Hasbro is dropping the ‘Mr.’ from Mr. Potato Head to be more inclusive, but the change was met with backlash from parents and invested adults.

Image of Blue Sky Studio movies

What Disney Dissolving Blue Sky Studios Means

It’s no surprise that Blue Sky Studio finally met its maker, given the daunting task of standing with Disney and Pixar.

Image of the two protags

Netflix’s Bonding Season Two Fumbling The Progressive Bag

With the crack of a whip and one too many tongue-in-cheek jokes, the second season of Netflix’s Bonding fell rather hard.

Collage of directors for To All The Boys I Loved Before

Why Do Men Get All The Sequels?

It’s no secret that the film industry is completely saturated with white men who tend to take up a large portion of the head position pie.

Image of the Not Just for Kids catergory

The Pandemic Fueling the Future of Western Animation

Within the chasm left by quarantine guidelines that kept filming slowed or shut down came the simplest, almost overlooked answer: animation.