Texas Without Power and Water Amidst Devastating Winter Storm 

Over one-third of the continental U.S. has been affected by intense snow storms and Texas has been hit hardest due to weak infrastructure.

Update: Mackenzie Scott Donation Funds College’s $1 Million Scholarships

The College will grant yearly scholarships to “continuing students with unmet financial need” using 12 million donation from Mackenzie Scott.

Gamestop Investors Cost Hedge Funds Billions

Reddit thread r/wallstreetbets inspired investment in GameStop, a “dying” company, costing hedge funds shorting the stock billions. 

Leftists Criticize the Biden Administration for Not Being “Progressive Enough”

Leftists criticize Biden as not being “progressive enough” amidst his massive approval from more centrist Democrats, marking further divide within the Democratic Party. 

Whittier Council Member Examined for Censure after Attending Capitol Rally

Council member Jessica Martinez has been under fire by locals for attending President Trump’s Jan. 6 ‘Save America’ rally.

Image of Joe Gardner at a crosswalk

Soul: A Modern Take On Traditional Message To Follow Your Dreams

Soul is an example of Disney tailoring its films by incorporating realistic, even depressing storylines into their movies.

Whittier College receives 12 million Donation from MacKenzie Scott 

After a year of budget cuts, Whittier College will end 2020 with an unrestricted $12 million donation from billionaire MacKenzie Scott.

Have Whittier College Students Have Reached Their Breaking Point?

82 percent of Poets believe this school year has been “harder than usual,” according to the Quaker Campus’ December 10 Instagram poll.

New Title IX Policy from Administration and Students

Title IX administration is changing policy in accordance to federal requirements, and ASWC is drafting their own Bill to target campus issues.

graphic of a young latina girl wearing a pink dress holding a sign that says "What about my life?'

Trump’s New ‘Holiday’ is Definitive Proof He is Racist

President Trump proclaimed Nov. 1 to be a new holiday for the American people. However, this ‘holiday’ is not as innocent as it seems.