KPOET's announcement reading: Introducing Poet Student Spotlight below pictures of spotlights

KPOET Puts a Spotlight on Student Creatives

KPOET has found a new way to keep their followers involved, announcing on Nov. 9 that they would start highlighting Whittier student creatives.

Marina in black in the white

Men, Listen Up. Marina Has Something to Tell You

“Man’s World,” a song Marina Diamandis released on Nov. 18, tells a story about women’s rights, and a satirical way to begin speaking to men.

Big Sky character's Cody, Jennie, and Cassie super imposed over a sunny forest background

Big Sky is a Big Flop for ABC

Big Sky’s pilot aired Tuesday, Nov. 17 and presented nothing but discombobulated plots and characters that the pilot attempted to sew together in the end, but failed to capture the intrigue it intended to create.

People at a concert with colorful lights over the crowd

Ticketmaster Imagines Concerts in a COVID-World

To combat the impact of the coronavirus on concerts, Ticketmaster is working on a way to use smartphones to verify whether customers have been tested or vaccinated for COVID-19.

Drawing of Barbie in pink, sitting with her legs bent and leaning back

It’s a Barbie World, We’re Just Living in It

Barbie endures as a symbol of childhood nostalgia, but her story adapts within modern sociopolitical context.