Apple Music’s Foundation for the Future

To Apple Music, the artists featured this week represent the new leaders, and are a preview of empowerment in the future.

For Your Consideration: Minari: Remembering Your Roots

Minari depicts the risk, isolation, humor, and resilient love that bonds generational families in a nostalgic, and distinctly American way.

“I Care A Lot” Succeeds in the Creation of Despicable Women

I Care A Lot provides female characters that are evil, immoral, criminals that you do not idolize, and can still be oh so fun to hate.

Image of Super Monster's Album Cover

Never Heard of Claud? You Definitely Know Their Collaborators

A rising artist in the new Bedroom Pop subgenre, Claud has already collaborated with breakthrough artists such as Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers.

Image of Cruella

Cruella de Vil is Not the Female Icon You’re Looking For

It’s one thing to try to paint Cruella as someone more morally gray, but, unfortunately, animal cruelty isn’t a very morally gray action.