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There are crystals for whatever you need to help manifest your goals. Image courtesy of Sage Amdahl/Quaker Campus.

Recently, I had the pleasure of checking out Manifest Tea Station, a local tea and crystal shop on Bailey Street.

When entering the small and enchanting shop, I could immediately feel the welcoming energy. Perhaps this is because the shop is set intentionally with the intention of self discovery; the owner, Laura, says that the purpose of the shop is to help people come back to their true essence, and bring out their life purpose.

You can understand more of the shop’s purpose when you understand Laura’s journey. Laura embarked on a spiritual journey, which reached its peak when Laura’s sister received a vision of a shop in which Laura was selling crystals, oils, and teas that revealed Laura’s purpose in sharing one’s own learning and understanding. The journey was a transforming one, says the shop owner, who once believed that Laura’s life was figured out at that point. However, when looking inward, Laura found that “from this dark place, I began to feel strength and guidance. As if my Soul was finally acknowledged.” Laura found a whole new aspect of self through this journey. Laura received a calling to share this experience because it would resonate with someone. 

The Manifest Tea Station owner believes that no matter how much healing you’ve done, there is always more to learn and more to heal, that healing is a lifelong experience. Laura also suggests that you be open to your own healing and discovery. Once you let go of who you’re “supposed to be,” you’ll start aligning and connecting with who you are to your core, Laura believes. The owner is also aware that different things work for different people and recommends you be open to learning about yourself with whichever method works best for you.

If you are wondering what the best way to start this journey would be, Laura suggests firstly walking into the store and seeing what you gravitate towards because your higher self knows what you need. After coming in the shop and finding what draws you in, Laura recommends taking advantage of the mini tarot reading the shop offers. The tarot readings offered at Manifest Tea are all about your journey. In the mini tarot reading, you will find out what is causing you to be stuck, what your next step is, and what your purpose and direction is.

You can find many loose leaf teas with different intentions to find the one best for you. Image courtesy of Sage Amdahl/Quaker Campus.

College students specifically could really benefit from this shop’s resources. Some students are in a transitional period when coming to college, in which they are discovering so much about themselves that they may not have realized when they were at home. There are plenty of teas and crystals that help with the feelings that arise from this. One of the many loose leaf teas available at Manifest Tea Station includes “Presence,” which has lemongrass, peppermint, ginger, lemon balm. The ingredients in “Presence,” like all of the teas in the shop, have a specific intention. “Presence”’s affirmation is: “I choose to live in the only moment where there is life. The present moment.”

Laura says that there are candles, teas and crystals at the shop that are helpful for relieving stress, as well as crystals that help with studying and sleep. Manifest Tea also offers tarot readings for the many questions college students may have, such as “What should my major be?” or “What am I even doing here?” Laura is also offering a college discount to those who come to the shop and show their Whittier student ID!

I personally know I will be coming to this shop often during my free time, and likely during midterms and finals. When I came to the shop, I found a few crystals I had been wanting for awhile, like Malachite and Red Jasper, but there were also a few stones that I was really ecstatic to purchase, like Goldstone and Amazonite. I truly believe that Manifest Tea Shop has something to offer for anyone, but don’t just take my word for it — go check out the shop for yourself!


Featured Photo Courtesy of Sage Amdahl / Quaker Campus

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