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It’s the spookiest week of the year, with Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos falling on the weekend. While usual Halloween festivities may not be practical during the on-going COVID crisis, it is the perfect year to get creative and start new traditions. My sister and I decided to put together a movie list, planning to watch one film each day this week in order to stay excited for our favorite holiday. While we both may love a good horror movie, we felt that with the severity of our current times, we could use a few escapist laughs this spooky season. Here is our six-day spooky movie playlist, all of which can be streamed on various streaming services. Feel free to watch along with us throughout the week!

Monday — Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Netflix)

The aloof costumes make us wonder: spooky or funny?
Photo Courtesy of Netflix

When I first watched Killer Klowns last year, my mind was blown. I could not decide whether this film was an ironic B-movie, or a serious horror movie. At the same time, I was not sure whether I wanted to laugh at the awful costumes and movements, or if their uncanniness gave me the chills. Ultimately, this movie balances both humor and the terrifying aspects of a scary movie, which is why it kicks off our list. 

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Tuesday — Mr. Boogedy (Disney+)

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With its short 45-minute run time, Mr. Boogedy leaves you with more questions than answers. Released as a television pilot in 1986, this short film was originally planned to be a horror-comedy series that parodied The Exorcist. However, even this horror-spoof was too horrorful for Disney, making the team tone down its scary elements. This results in an awkward, unflushed supernatural presence in the form of a monster who is lined with a cheesy ‘80s effects green glow. The awful effects and lack of scariness are broken up by the comedic relief in the form of some of the worst puns and pranks captured on film. All of this combined just makes for an outdated B-movie mess that makes it difficult to differentiate which parts were intended to actually be scary, and which parts were intended to be a spoof. If you’re somehow still on the fence about watching Mr. Boogedy, watch the trailer to grasp the bizarre chaos that is this movie. BONUS: If this short film leaves you wanting more, the sequel Bride of Boogedy is also available on Disney+.

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Wednesday — Leprechaun 4: In Space (HBO Max / Hulu)

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While Leprechaun is known for its bizarre horror concept that often misses the mark, Leprechaun 4 takes the original concept to a whole other level, otherwise known as the Final Frontier. In this adaption of the Irish legend character, the leprechaun transcends his search for gold on Earth by becoming an intergalactic money-grubbing murderer. It seems that nearly every failing horror franchise ends up in space, but Leprechaun 4 is its own unique case. The movie originally maintained a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, recently rising to 14 percent after cult fans have rated it higher for its so-bad-it’s-good qualities. As user Stefan Stefansson reviewed with a rating of 0.5/4: “The best movie about a leprechaun in space I have seen in years…” If you think you can handle to torture, this movie is available on HBO Max, Hulu, and, for low quality, on YouTube. (Don’t tell them I told you!)

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Thursday — Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (Amazon Prime)

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So far, we have watched ironic horrors and movies that are unintentionally more funny than they are scary, but Attack of the Killer Tomatoes takes the bad horror movie further by being a spoof of a B-movie. Opening by emphasizing how The Birds was a laughable concept at the time of its release, Killer Tomatoes opens your mind to the “horror” that is about to occur. It started out a student film concept, and is the epitome of a low-budget film, intentionally costing only about $100,000 to produce. While aiming to be a spoof of a B-movie, some critics argue that it misses the mark, becoming so-bad-it’s-good even though it meant to make fun of that type of film. Give it a watch, and form to your own conclusion for where this movie lands on cult classic scale. 

Friday — Plan 9 From Outer Space (Tubi)

Photo Courtesy of Turner Classic Movies

In what is considered the first “worst movie ever made” to gain a cult following, Plan 9 is an extraterrestrial and undead science-fiction movie that was made independently by the now-infamous director Ed Wood. It has a star-studded cast, including Bela Lugosi (best known for playing Dracula in 1931) and Vampira. Sounds promising, right? Well, with its combination of poor special effects, awkward dialogue, and the low budget that couldn’t capture the big ideas of its producer, the movie was a disaster. Wood optimistically considered the film to be his life’s passion, though it wouldn’t gain cult popularity until after his death. Now, he is considered an unintentional genius, for setting a precursor for cult movie followings. Plus, it can be streamed on Tubi, which is completely free and doesn’t need a subscription to watch. 

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Saturday — Rocky Horror Picture Show (Hulu)

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We are ending this spooky week with a classic by watching the 1975 “science-fiction, late-night double-feature,” Rocky Horror Picture Show. While the rest of the movies on this list are in the realm of so-bad-it’s-good, I believe in my heart and soul that Rocky Horror is a bizarre masterpiece that cannot be considered “bad,” though is also not “good” by usual movie standards. If you haven’t heard of this cult classic, let me try to explain the plot. A couple comes across an eerie mansion that is home to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, an alien “transvestite” from the planet Transylvania. Its bizarre plot, awkward pauses that demand audience participation, and absolutely classic rock-n-roll musical soundtrack make it an essential film. Whether you have plans to hang out with friends (socially distanced, I hope) doing the call-responses that make this movie a cult essential, or you’re on your own doing the Time Warp in your bedroom, this is the perfect movie to celebrate the end of the spooky season.

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    Tori O'Campo has worked for the Quaker Campus since 2017, and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Quaker Campus. She most enjoys writing about art, music, and culture.

Tori O'Campo has worked for the Quaker Campus since 2017, and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Quaker Campus. She most enjoys writing about art, music, and culture.

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